Monday, August 8, 2011

July Children's Winners

Students in Mapua School in New Zealand accepted the July challenge and wrote night poems, which their teacher, Struan McKenzie, submitted for them. The children, who are in year 3, are 6 and 7 years old. They all did a fine job. With some difficulty, I have selected three of their poems as winners to publish. Congratulations to these young poets—and to the entire class! Keep writing!

Black mist- By Ben

Night is a black mist.
Floating around the house.
It's creeping up to me.
Oh no! A ghost is coming and the owls are howling
and the leaves are blowing in the trees.
I'm glad the night is over.

I love night
- By Eden

Every kid at night blows their candle out.
It goes dark.
You snuggle up to your blanket.
You hear funny sounds (hoo, hoo) goes an owl.
(scratch, scratch) goes a black cat.
Fall asleep.
(I love night!)

The Night by Rayek

The night is a black blankey with lots of holes
The wind outside sounds like a owl howling
The smell of night is some crispy fish and chips
The feel of night is a big icecube melting in the sun.

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