Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 2011 Challenge Winner

Mark Hudson took the November challenge in a totally unexpected direction. Instead beginning with a minor change in his personal life, he raises a much broader question. He assumes there is a God, and writes about the possibility of there being no God. He moves from that question to other theological speculations. Here is Mark's winning poem.

If there was no God

If there was no God,
would things be even worse?
Did we create our own problems,
or did the Devil make this curse?
If there never was a God,
would nothing exist at all?
Would particles not even be?
Would nothingness just sprawl?
If I was created by the master,
should I feel guilt over sin?
Will God give me his mercy
or is punishment about to begin?
Is it hard to get into Heaven,
and easy to get into Hell?
Is the Bible a bit too harsh
when it shows us men who fell?
What about other religions?
Doesn't God love them, too?
Aren't we all children of God?
Did Jesus die only for a few?
If I am a child of God,
can't I just be myself?
Am I actively seeking God,
or do I just want his wealth?
This may open up questions;
it may even sound like a quiz.
But the answer to the question:
Is there a God? Yes,there is!

~ Mark Hudson

Mark Hudson retains copyright to this poem.

Hudson submitted a bio: Mark Hudson is a member of Evanston Writers Workshop and Rockford Writers Guild. He is currently working on a novella for, national novel writing month.

Check in on December 1 for the new poetry challenge.

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