Monday, December 19, 2011

December Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Judith Tullis for winning the December poetry challenge with her poem, "Lego Man." The "Lego man" in this photo, built by my grandson, would not meet the conditions for the Lego man the narrator has in mind in this quirky poem.

There were other excellent poems submitted this month, but none as clever as this one.

Lego Man

I wish I had a Lego man
a hold-tight-will-not-let-go man
a red, white, black or yellow man
a tier above his fellow man
who’d pull himself apart for me
and disconnect his heart for me.
He’d be much better than the last
who never would do what I asked
just smothered me in apathy.

I wish I had a Lego man
an Eggo-in-the-morning man.
We’d sip our coffee hand-in-hand
while brick by brick our life we planned.
He’d never cause a scream from me
nor scheme to take my dream from me.
He would love me to distraction
though he might be short on action
without his Lego battery.

~ Judith Tullis

Copyright to this poem remains with the writer.

Watch for a new challenge on January 1.

© 2011 Wilda Morris