Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Challenge Winner

The challenge for this month was to write a poem somehow inspired by a photograph I took in Mexico. The photo took the winning poet's imagination to the farmer's market in Lawrence,Kansas.

Congratulations to Sondy Sloan.

Farmers’ Market

No matter how tight the month,
I snap my clutch closed
around 40 bucks, squirreled away for Saturdays:
March till November;
sun or spit.

At dawn, I board the empty bus
to the center of my small city,
two totes rolled up under my arm.
I covet the 6 am sunrise as if it
were my own wee weekend hour.

Hopping off at New Hampshire
I mosey over to Massachusetts Street.
Two blocks-o-parking-lots
feature Flora and Fauna:

chicks and chorizo;
carrots and catfish;
begonias and buffalo;
emu and eggs.

Pigeons and peppers;
tomatoes and tulips;
potatoes and pumpkins;
feta and figs.

Stalling at Saturday morning stands—
eyes widen, nose inhales the newest crops;
I feel the fresh of Farmer’s Market…
I taste the week awaken,
on Saturday morn.

~ Sondy Sloan

Copyright to this poem remains with the author.

Did this poem awaken your hunger for some of the foods mentioned, or hungry for the sights provided by a farmer's market?

The next challenge will be posted on April 1, the first day of National Poetry Month. It might be your month to be the winner!

© 2012 Wilda Morris