Monday, April 23, 2012

April Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the three winners of the April Challenge, selected by poet William Marr.

The first stanza of Eve Lomoro's first place poem seems rather abstract, but she takes us by surprise in the second stanza.

To Argue or Not to Argue

most arguments are
people don’t listen
they just wait
thinking of words
they will use to
pounce on you
at the first possible moment
pounce on you
at every opportunity
thus it’s best
to never stop talking
you’ll drive them crazy
in the end

cats are different
they can
pounce on you
anytime they wish
and you never say a word
because it would be

~ Eve Lomoro

Thai Chau expresses a truth that many people don't believe during their teen years. They may not quite believe it until they become parents.

To Argue with Mother

To argue with Mother is
You say “Yes”
She’d say “No”
To win or lose
Is not much difference
‘Cause the argument is always started up
From love
And ends up
Still Being

~ Thai Chau

Anna Yin took the challenge in a different direction, arguing with a famous artist.

Talking to Frida Kahlo

I am not you.
You stand, you sit,
and you untie yourself
on a canvas of pain and truth.
I escape.

Behind surrealistic scenes,
you strike reality;
I flutter fantasy.

“No!” eyebrows straighten,
your silent self rises.

I manage to forge
a smile,
in every flash of blue.

I call that “hope”,
knowing you name it

~ Anna Yin

Each of these poets maintains copyright on their own poem.

If you didn't try the April challenge earlier, this may give you inspiration to write your own argument poem or poems.

Watch for the Next Challenge, which will be posted on May 1.

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