Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 2013 Challenge Winner - a Six-Line Poem

Larry Turner, who has served as president of the Illinois State Poetry Society, regional vice-president of the Poetry Society of Virginia, and president of the Riverside Writers in Fredericksburg, Virginia, judged the February poetry challenge. The challenge was to write a six-line poem somewhat in the style of Joseph Stroud. Turner said, “The clear-cut winner is ‘Hardly Ever.’”

Congratulations to Eve Lomoro, writer of this six-line poem.

Hardly Ever

I hardly ever worry unless for a sick child
a hungry child, a naked child, a child who
has no home or family. I hardly ever worry
about humankind, about love insufficient
to keep bad things from happening. No,
I hardly ever worry except most of the time.

~ Eve Lomoro

Eve Lomoro has been writing for many years, mostly prose. She has completed one novel (unpublished as of yet), and is at work on another. Recently, she has become more serious about poetry, and has joined a poetry group that meets monthly. She says her interest in poetry has made her prose more colorful. "Hardly Ever" was written about a subject very close to her heart; she has a passion about world hunger, especially hungry children.

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More about the judge: Larry Turner moved to Fredericksburg, VA after retiring as physicist from Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago. His poetry has appeared in many journals including Kansas Quarterly, The Lyric and Spoon River Quarterly. He has published two books of poetry, Stops on the Way to Eden and Beyond in 1992, and Eden and Other Addresses in 2005. In 2011, he published Wanderer, a collection of poems, stories and drama. Currently he is editing an anthology for Riverside Writers, as he has done three times previously. While living in Illinois, he took several poetry classes at the College of DuPage and produced a television series, Writers Read on Naperville Community Access Television.

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