Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 2013 Winners – Crow Poems

There is always some subjectivity in judging poetry. Sharon Auberle read the crow poems submitted this month, and said she thought the best one was “Crow Gang.” thought the best of the bunch was “Ghazal of the Crow.” So we have two winners this month. Here they are.

Crow Gang

On our forty, crows belong to a gang.
They hang together, fan out in the
morning to do assignments.
Fearless during the day,
at night gather for protection,
one to stay awake and watch.
Instantly know the newest road kill,
spread the word,
always first at the scene. 
Share only with eagles,
understand power.

Members have no pity—eyes cold.
Swagger when they walk,
rarely move over for you to drive by.
Eat baby birds or anything
defenseless, rob nests of eggs,
clean up leftovers,
have no respect for boundaries.

Take care of their own,
hold secret trials,
dole out punishments.
Don't need your opinion on matters.
Been around the block
once or twice.
Their uniforms are black and stark,
their motto, "Crows Rule."

~ Peggy Trojan

Peggy Trojan and her husband retired from teaching to seventy acres of woods in northern Wisconsin, where they built their own house next to a little trout stream.  She published her first poem when she was seventy-seven, finding time, finally, to write.  Currently working on two chapbooks, one a collection of poems about her large family, and the other a collection of childhood memories of World War II.  She is a member of Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets.

Ghazal of Ur the Crow


Thirteen lucky Corvus Linnaeus for my murder of crows,
making twenty-six crows’ feet
lined up, black bird feet on a crow’s wire
at the way-too-early crowbar
guzzling morning, their vocalizations the crowbar
that pries open sleep; my pair of crow’s feet
crinkle awake from a dream’s crow’s-nest
view of ebony trickster’s crowing
fables, tales told in crow tails and crow cawws.


Caww! says I, I am ur-crow.
I am ubiquitous, omnivorous, scavenger crow.
Caww! I am archetypal crow.
Caww! I am Chaldean crow, Viking crow.
Caww! I am shaman’s crow, druid’s crow.
Caww! I am Chukchi crow and Haida creation crow.
Caww! I am Sheshat’s crow.
Caww! I am Jewish crow, Christian crow, crow of Allah.
Caww! I am the Epic-of-Gilgamesh crow.
Caww! I am Faerie Queene crow.
Caww! I am Poe’s nevermore crow.
Caww! I am Cubist crow, I am jazz crow—
ain’t no Jim Crows allowed in the crow ’hood.
Caww! I am the crow you eat when you eat crow.

~ Karla Linn Merrifield

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