Saturday, August 23, 2014

August 2014 Poetry Challenge Winner

Deetje J. Wildes, winner of the August, 2014, challenge (pictured above with her “own true love") says her poem is only partly true.

Ode to My Sweetheart

Happy, we were, with little care
Together at work and together at play;
“You and I are quite a pair”
We’d often say.

Our days just slid by, ten thousand or so,
As we often rejoiced to be happily wed.
“It still seems our life has scarcely a woe”
We often said.

But now, in your own little world you stay,
Not knowing that I am your own true love.
We shall meet again on that glorious Day
In heaven above.

~ Deetje J. Wildes

Deetje J. Wildes is a caregiver for the man she married over 54 years ago. She writes poetry when she has the time and energy to do so. She maintains copyright to this poem.
Watch for the results of the January challenge which was left open for several months, and the September challenge.
© Wilda Morris