Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 2015 Poetry Challenge Winner - a Bee Poem

Jeanie Tomasko, the judge for the April, selected a haiku as the winning poem. Congratulations to Georgiann Foley!

sun slips as crowned thistle sways
lulls bumblebee silent still
clinging to purple heaven

~ Georgiann Foley

Georgiann Foley is the owner of this poem. Please do not copy and distribute it without her permission.

In explaining her choice of this poem as the winner, Tomasko said, said, “I love the ambiguity/play of  

bumblebee silent still  ...    
...  still clinging to purple heaven, 

and the idea that the common thistle is a purple heaven to a bee. It captures the hard to capture
haiku moment. And the beauty in the ordinary.”

Georgiann Foley enjoys sharing her poems at poetry slams and readings. Her work has appeared in Mobius, DuPage Arts Life, and Seeding the Snow. In March and April of 2015 her poem entitled "Timely Romance," matching one of the art pieces of Charles Huth, has been on exhibit at the Lemont Center for the Arts. She is a proponent for the spoken word and has encouraged that in her fifteen years of teaching children.
A bio for Jeanie Tomasko is found in the previous post, along with one of her bee poems.
Unfortunately, I didn't find a picture of a bee in purple heaven when I searched my albums. But the bees in these photos were probably happy where they were.

Come back on May 1 to find out what the Poetry Challenge will be.

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