Friday, July 24, 2009

Winners of the July Poetry Challenge

Thank you to all who entered the July Poetry Challenge. There are two winners this month - one is free verse; the other is a rhymed poem. In each case, the form of the poem matches the content well. There were other poems which came close, so if you didn't win this time, try again another month.

Copyright remains with the poets who submitted the poems.


I awoke feeling it
would be a writing day
but couldn’t get down the hall
I finished a book I was reading
played on the computer
phone called and fiddled around
ignored the siren of the page
the lure of my desk in its
quiet corner
I went to the grocery
came home to make chicken soup
cranked the stereo
to drown the muse
instead she danced
while I chopped and stirred
measured and mixed
she waltzed me through the soup
and Billy Collins
pushed me into a
lemon pie
at midnight I made
Strawberry Jell-O with pears
to try to shut
them up
but they woke me
in the dawn
to pin my day
to the page


I like the clever title of this poem, which uses dance as a metaphor. The layout is appropriate for the way the day went - one thing after another. Short lines fit the "hyper" avoid-dance. The poet included interesting details and used alliteration sparingly, but effectively. I can certainly identify with the experience described in this poem, and I'm sure that is true for other writers also.

Ballroom Dancing

I showed up looking sharp and clean,
Arriving for my date.
I had prepared with ample time,
So not to show up late.

All decked out in my rented suit,
Her flowers in my hand,
I had a regal evening set,
Each detail mapped and planned.

There, proud I stood, top hat and tails,
A trussed up teenaged clown,
And gazed in awe at how she looked,
In her new ballroom gown.

I held her door, she climbed inside,
We started on our way,
And headed for the concert floor
To hear the big band play.

But this would be a different date,
For more than happenstance,
Tonight we’d spread our wings and fly,
Tonight we’d ballroom dance!

We’d taken classes, practiced hard,
Gone over every step,
The time had come to take the floor,
And validate our prep.

Tango, Foxtrot, Waltz and Swing,
Spin and turn and dip,
Round and round the floor we'd glide,
At a frantic clip.

Minutes turned to passing hours,
Moments quickly spent,
Every pattern crisply cut,
Joyful and content.

When at last the night gave way,
And the band went home,
We stood on the polished floor,
Beneath a golden dome.

Here we danced the night away,
And we made our fate,
In a spinning ballroom dancing way,
On this special date.

By David Roth
© 14th January, 2005

This poem is more rhythmic, like dance. Here again we see some interesting details, including the fact that his suit is rented. Many people will be able to identify with the experience of having taken dancing lessons and finally having an opportunity to try out those steps in a ballroom - with a special date.

Congratulations to bam and to David Roth.

Check the blog again on August 1 to find out what the next poetry challenge will be.

Keep writing!

(c) 2009 Wilda W. Morris