Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 2010 Challenge Winner

Thanks to those who entered the January challenge. There were several interesting poems in contention. The following, a Shakespearean sonnet, is the winner.

My Mother Sang To Me

A minstrel's lyric on a city street
Betrays a moment past, a memory
Held captive by a siren's song: retreat
Is my indulgence, to a panoply
Of silver maples scattering the sun
Upon my eyes like tiny dancing sprites,
The specters of my boyhood beasts undone
By strains from Orpheus and the delights
Of Pan's seductive reed, the sounds adrift
On perfumed breezes in the melodies
My mother sang to me; and they shall lift
Me on my wistful passage, and appease
My soul. For past and present, both, I yearn;
To neither am I able to return.

-- Paul Buchheit

Congratulations, Paul!