Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dorn Septet Winner

Glenna Holloway, who wrote the sample (prize-winning) Dorn Septet posted in June, has selected a winner for the Dorn Septet Challenge. Congratulations to Indiana poet, Reason A. Poteet.

This I Am with No Remorse

At home I had no fears,
in school, my trust in God was taught as truth.
Now teacher's work requires that I have hope,
my church, the place I go as wonder perserveres.
And when I'm done with my career, I'll cope
with constant faith and coaching ne'er to quit
when Satan interferes.

At home I passed the test,
in school complied with ev'ry task assigned.
Now work I leave with obligations filled,
attend a church where needy folk complete their quest.
May I retire with passion, free to build
a channel for my Father's love which leads
to heav'n where all can rest.

The Bible is my source
of truth from youth to everlasting life.
When Christian faith and actions intercept
from James I know that faith without good works of course
is sheer perversion, trust denied - inept.
My God in times which threaten toil and trust -
my Hope without remorse.

~ Reason A. Poteet

Poem © Reason A. Poteet

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