Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May Poetry Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Julianne Carlile, winner of the May Poetry Challenge. Carlile combined the May Challenge with the one from April. You may think of this poem often as you look at the dandelions springing up in your lawn or in the local park or woodland!

To Argue with a Dandelion

to argue with a dandelion
is of course pointless
it doesn't love you
it doesn't love you not
it is just there soaking up the sun
and enjoying itself

it will ignore all your efforts
to destroy it
as it lies there wilting

it will not hold a grudge
tomorrow you will see its twin
and you will feel a twinge
as you start to uproot it with your weed puller
gee why do I have to do this
is it really hurting
anything at all

Julianne Carlile

Julianne Carlile retains ownership of the copyright on this poem.

The next poetry challenge will be posted on June 1.

© Wilda Morris